Travel set bag

The perfect travel buddy


The "Take Me" set, is the cute, on-the-go perfect skin pack created for the jetsetter. Now it's easy to take mini versions of your favorite Reversaline products so that you don't compromise beautiful skin when you're not at home. And the iridescent pouch is as stylish as its contents are sensible.


  • Perfect on-the-go kit to keep your skin healthy everywhere you go.



Get ready to start the day the right way. Prepare your skin for a deep cleanse and a day full of excitement!

Step 1: Reversaline Purifying Pre-Cleanser (30mL) Gently sweep across your face with a saturated cotton pad, from the center, outwards. Use every time you need to prepare your skin for a deeper cleanse.


After preparing your skin, the next step is to face new challenges with a clean look! It is time for a cleanse.

Step 2: Reversaline Fusion Foaming Gel Cleanser (30mL)
Wet your hands and face, lather the cleanser in the palms of your hands. Gently massage your face using circular motions avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


It is never too early to start taking care of your skin, and we know it. Stop the signs of aging in your skin as the next step of your routine!

Step 3: Reversaline Time Delay Toner (30mL)
After cleansing the face, pour onto your palms and gently massage in a circular motion all around the face and the neck. Tap delicately until absorbed. Use as needed.


Almost done here, just one more really important step. Moisturize!

Step 4: Reversaline Daily Dose AM Cream (5mL)
Apply all over the face avoiding the eye area. Gently massage tap until absorbed. Use in the morning.


Your day might be coming to an end, but skincare never sleeps. Moisturize and soothe your skin while you rest!

Step 5: Reversaline Daily Dose PM Replenisher (5mL)
Apply all over the face avoiding the eye area. Gently massage tap until absorbed. Use at night.



An effective ingredient that has soothing properties, working to condition the skin when facing external threats.


A key source of Vitamin B that works to hydrate and restore the skin’s surface with its nurturing properties.


Our unique formula moisturizes every level of the skin's dermis by using an optimal molecular size for each layer.


An enzyme filled with antioxidants that reverse the signs of aging while soothing the skin’s surface.


Rhona Cervantes

I will order it again!

I am extremely happy with the way these products treat my skin. I don’t feel any uncomfortable residues and my sensitive skin doesn’t even get dried out. I will order it again!


My skin looks so young!

Reversaline works so well so today I bought this set because I want to keep up. My skin looks so young!

Anaya Avery


This kit includes everything I need to keep my skin looking young. Reversaline is where the best for my skin. I feel hydrated and look younger.

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