Hollyhoux’s Refresher Mists

Refresher mists are a growing trend due to the many benefits they reap from daily use. They are the perfect addition to any routine.

HollyHoux’s Refresher Mists deliver freshness throughout the day. They keep the skin brimming with a lovely natural glow. They help skin rejuvenation and won't mess up make-up.

Our Refresher Mists come in 5 carefully designed fragrances and formulas that help to calm, nurture, soothe, energize, and restore balance to the skin.

Green Tea Refresher Mist

Camellia Sinesis is the scientific name of the Green Tea plant.. This ancient ingredient is known for its antioxidant and soothing properties. Our Green Tea Mist provides hydration and calmness, benefiting a refreshed and relaxed feeling amid the daily rush. A placid pick-me-up, perfect for every skin and every tiresome routine.

Rose Refresher Mist

This Mist is made with Rosehip Oil, a wild plant with marvelous emollient properties. Some people call it “the seed of eternal youth”. Rosehip oil is rich in fatty acids that nurture the skin cells and help to deliver a silky feel to the cutis. Rosehip Oil also revitalizes the skin and brightens it. Feel your skin velvety like a petal and lush as a blooming rose.

Lavender Refresher Mist

Lavender is brimming with antioxidants - benefits may include smoothness and nourishment - as well as providing an anti-inflammatory boost for the relaxation and calmness of the dermis. Our Mist soothes the skin, regulates sebum, and smooths the surface of the skin. A luscious bouquet of calm, softness, and delight for the skin.

Citrus Refresher Mist

Vitamin C is a great ally for the skin. It helps with the synthesis of collagen which in turn helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. It also helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors like pollution and the sun. Vitamin C also benefits the luminosity of the skin, delivering a youthful and glowy look. Sprinkle a delightful dash of energy, vitality, and self-care.

Crystal Refresher Mist

Our pH balancing and fragrance-free Mist is based on the properties of cucumber. Cucumber is very hydrating since it's mostly water, vitamins, and minerals. This plant has been used since ancient times as a beauty treatment due to its many benefits, namely its nourishing and calming qualities. A wholesome dewy feeling of harmony and well-being.

All of our Refresher Mists are packed with Aloe Vera, a plant used across the ages for its medicinal properties. Aloe Vera is an unparalleled ingredient for providing profound nutrition to the skin and for hydration without making the skin greasy. Aloe Vera is filled to the brim with amino acids and antioxidants. The amino acids present help to provide anti-inflammatory properties, working as a soothing agent. The antioxidants benefit the skin regeneration and aid in combating the damage made by free radicals.

HollyHoux’s Refresher Mists are a rainbow of pleasant moments for your routine. They help to relax, nourish, soften, revitalize, and harmonize your skin as you carry through the day to day life. Enjoy every minute of the day with HollyHoux’s Refresher Mists.

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Holly HOUX

We are commited to cruelty-free products and will never test on animals during the development of our products at any point, including raw ingredients and finished products.


Plain and simple. It's Vegan! Plant-derived ingredients can contain more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and is safer for those of us with sensitive or condition-proned skin.

Holly HOUX

Our products are gluten free so you don't have to worry about your sensitivities.


GMO? Yuck! Our products are formulated without GMO.

Holly HOUX

Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it is important. We believe in Cleaner Beauty and our products are formulated without a list of over 15 harmful ingredients such as:

  • mineral oils,
  • parabans,
  • phthalates,
  • sulfates,
  • carmine,
  • BHA(butylated hydroxyanisole),
  • BHT(Butyllated hydroxytoluene),
  • Quaternium-15,
  • DMDM hydantoin,
  • Hydroquinone,
  • Aminophenol,
  • Diaminobenzene,
  • Phenylenediamine,
  • Triclosan or Triclocarban,
  • Petroleum/Petrolatum (paraffin),
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea,
  • Diazolidinyl urea,
  • Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate or bromopol.
We are continuously working to strive to increase that number.


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